Anime Reviews – Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 4

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May 2, 2013 by meritreview

Episode three and episode four of Shingeki no Kyojin fit quite well together. They are both take place in the training grounds and each episode really tries to introduce (or reintroduce) the characters and fellow soldiers of Eren, Mikasa and Armin.

When I first heard that training would take three years I was kind of surprised. That is a long time, especially for a nation that has just undergone a massive attack, a fifth of their people lost and a third of their land abandoned. Military training in our world doesn’t take that long for regular soldiers. Signing up for two years would be kind of pointless then! They do have to use slightly~ different weaponry, but eh. Considering how little in the long run the series spent on training it seemed a weird number. Perhaps it was needed to show what the characters were doing and to get to them to the age the creator wanted.

Episode four starts with scary bald guy analysing a bunch of future main characters for us. How useful. Armin is kind of failing the physical stuff, but he has great drive and is absolutely brilliant tactical mind. Eren has great purpose and tries at everything to make sure he’s the best soldier he can be. He has greatly improved at all the flying they do. Mikasa is without precedent. Seriously. The best soldier they’ve ever had in the history of training them, apparently. She is, of course, as dedicated to protecting Eren as ever. They’re going to have to expand on that soon, otherwise Mikasa is going to seem like a flat character.


How useful.

It also turns out that the ten best soldiers get to say goodbye to turmoil and enter the inner city. Despite nearly three years of training, when Eren is informed, it seems like totally new to him. His narrow focus is going to hurt him some day. Once he knows it does seem odd to Eren that the *best* soldiers probably won’t see that much action and will simply have to protect the king. I wonder if the inner city will ever be visited. He also hammers in an interesting point, that once the third walls fell, the second ring became the outer ring. Safety is an illusion at times.


It has their names and everything.

Of course once Eren is to be revealed one of the top ten soldiers, his request to be transferred to Recon seems to go pretty smoothly. Doesn’t seem like they are *forced* to serve in the inner city if they don’t feel like it. Then an assorted bunch of other characters, including Armin and Mikasa, decide that Eren has been a great example and that they’re all joining Recon too! Their deaths will be your fault Eren. Now I don’t believe this, free will and all that, but Eren seems like the type that would blame him. Recon is now more respected now. There’s nothing like losing a couple hundred thousand people to make people value your work.

Ah Sacha Blouse. The food loving fanatic of the series. There was an interesting point revealed here when she stole some meat from the officers’ quarters. In the last episode, it was mentioned that once you’re a soldier, you won’t have to worry about hunger again. In this episode it was said that since the third wall fell, meat has been fairly infrequent due to the lack of grazing lands *and* that once you’re in the inner city protecting the king that a person will not have to worry about hunger. Initially the others want Sacha to return the meat but then they all claim dibs. They’re all laughing and it seems like Recon won’t be so bad.titans!

I wonder if Recon has figured out why they emit steam.

And then the Titans attack again. This one is fifty feet tall, how on earth did they not spot them till they were at the wall? The idea of a double agent seems impossible. Titans tend to like to eat humans, not converse with them.


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